Are you operating in a mature market and seeking growth in new channels in overseas territories?

How much do you need to know about  the distribution channels in potential new markets?

Do you want to expand your understanding of the PPE market in a new geography?

How comfortable are you regarding different business protocols?

Welcome to AAW Consultancy

AAW Consultancy is an organisation that provides quantifiable and structured support, research and ongoing guidance to manufacturers and distributors of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) seeking to realise opportunities to establish their presence in new geographies.

Based on proven success methods, we can assist companies through a partnership approach to understand potential markets, especially where resources are not available within the company to quantify the strategy in depth.

Helping You Develop

The sale of Personal Protective Equipment in any country is personal – and the decision to purchase is based on a high element of trust.

AAW operate on the same basis. Our clients know that our recommendations are based on optimising their capabilities with the right fit of product and channel to market.

We operate in the away from home market, and can provide detailed advice in most industrial sectors, but especially in fire, asbestos, construction, oil and gas, petrochem, pharmaceutical, military and civil defence.   View Our Services

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Member of the British Safety Industry Federation




"Having worked with Alistair since 2008, he is clearly an expert in his field and an exemplary business leader /strategist within both the domestic and global sales community.


Very aware of the many business challenges of the current economic landscape, Alistair is very conscientious, astute and always keen to embrace. A man of integrity, Alistair is pragmatic, yet very fair, open and honest, genuinely interested in forging a strong partnerships with both his clients and providers alike. Wishing more people in business shared Alistair’s principles/ethics, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him."


Aaron Taylor
Business Development Director, Pareto Law


"Alistair is structured and very focused on creating strong commercial relationships. His self motivation is extraordinary, something that reflects strongly in the results. He is intuitive, fair and very reliable. I consider myself very lucky to have known and worked with Alistair."


Lise Russell
General Manager, Vestca Inova S/L