Service Descriptions

Channels to Market

Will the distributor represent your line as you wish?

Do they have the right profile for your product ? And do you need to work with a specialist or a general distributor. Our advice would take into account feedback from users, competitor products already distributed, and from personal meetings.

Competitor Positioning

Through an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, a proposal can be formulated as to how to best approach the market. Regard will be paid to whether the competition is indigenous, international, and how they operate within the market.

Local Business Protocols

In all aspects of life, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Business is no exception. How best to conduct relationships, what to say (and what not to say) and to whom can make the difference to a successful relationship.

Based on the experience of our local knowledge, we can offer ongoing help and advice in this most important arena of doing business overseas.

Sales and Marketing Programmes

Determining the size of the market (current and potential), how users purchase and why. Meetings can be set up, as necessary with users to ascertain deeper understanding of work place needs.

How the product is packaged and sourced, and how it is promoted would be included in the assessment, looking at all options and having regard to revenue returns vs cost.

Compliance Requirements

Before addressing the sales and marketing programme, we would help to answer the following :

  • Does the product and service meet the international (and local) standards and approvals?  If not, how can this be obtained.
  • What are the timeframes and costs involved?
  • Is a legal entity required in the territory to obtain the approval
  • What languages will be required for user instructions and collateral

Pricing Models

We would establish end user pricing, distributor margin expectations, and any other costs involved and make recommendations. Information as to competitor pricing would be included.

On-going support

Recommendations as to the level and type of support required for the product will be clarified, together with training, technical support, and other necessary activities. As a prospective partner to our client, our commitment would be to also to provide ongoing assistance to help fully realise the opportunity.